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The story matters. Show, don't tell.
Storytelling is an art and science that is used to connect with viewers, surface specific emotions and get them to take an action.

Combine this with stunning visual design and creative content - completes the circle of a powerful, compelling message.
Your journey begins here with Fresh Produce Creative.

We Move Pixels

Motion Graphics captivate. Customized to achieve your goals.
Whether it's 2D or 3D, you're covered, including large format walls.
Interactive Touch Screens. Proficient in After Effects and Maxon Cinema 4D.

See our stunning animation videos on our Vimeo Page. Fresh Produce Vimeo

Art With A Purpose

We create visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate your customers.

Logos. Media graphics. Infographics. Print. Promos.
Any visual style from vintage to post-modern.
Can design website art. One-stop shop.


Paul King Caricature

This Be Me

Paul W. King, artist - animator - musician - flyfisherman.

Born at a very young age in Detroit, Michigan, Paul realized he had the God-given talent to draw, most notably by his works of crayon art on the living room wall.

His talent grew at Michigan State University, where as an art major, decided he didn't want to be an art major. So he graduated with a BA in Advertising. Has yet to be an employee of any advertising firm.
Because they're all idiots. His expertise as a skilled Motion Graphics (After Effects) and 3D animator (Cinema 4D) has earned him respect amongst his clients and peers.
Well, most of them anyways.

Paul lives in northern Michigan on the Platte River.
And from his deck view the river is still flowing right to left.

Paul King Artwerks Logo
Paul King Art Logo
Paul King Art Logo

Exaggeration Is Key

Ok, I have another company - Paul King Art

I paint these photo-real Caricatures from scratch with digital airbrush. Stunning art Giclée watercolor prints for sale online of Musicians, Actors and Notables. Spiffy art for your music room, office, bar venue, studio or business. Heck, just hang one over the fireplace! - So click the link and buy! Paul King Art


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Paul W. King - Traverse City, MI
Office: 231-325-0030